The #teambuttercream Project

I’m in love. Like, for real. About six months ago a friend of mine contacted me about custom kitchen set and food for her bakery. Stacey Coggin of Stacey’s Sweets, gave me some basic ideas and free reign and I had an absolute BLAST! 

The original pieces I found for the project were handmade so they were tougher than hell and gave me fits, and more than one injury, during the construction phase but it also gave me a reason to buy a new reciprocating saw with rotating head ~Sweet!~ 

  Props to the guy who made these beasts.  

I found an antique heat register to use as the oven top. I just love how ornate and curvy she is. The copper color set it off perfectly. 

I knew that I really wanted some ornate drawer pulls for the oven doors so I found the perfect cup pulls at D LawLess Hardware. They have every style of hardware I’ve ever wanted. 

See? A perfect match. So paint fumes, some fabric and felt later and the set is done. I know the faucet look crooked in the pictures but I promise it isn’t. My angle sucked.

Excuse the black spray paint line on the driveway. Husband wasn’t too pleased with my lack of attention. 

I gave it a little dishwasher. 👆🏻See? So cute. Next came the food. This is where I begin to die of adorable. The order was a cake decorating set, cookies, and naturally, some awesome cupcakes.  

I’ve listed them all in my etsy shop to take orders for replicas. I just love that freaking cake! I think the whole thing came out really well. It was well received by the staff and is ready for little people, or not so little people, as you can see. 

I hope #teambuttercream loves it as much as I do. 

Keep it crafty people. 


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